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Uconnect 4 with 8.4 inch Touchscreen Delphi Radio Repair Service - FRR

Uconnect 4 with 8.4 inch Touchscreen Delphi Radio Repair Service


Factory Radio Repairs

Uconnect 4C with 8.4 inch Touchscreen Delphi Radio Repair Service is for radios manufactured by Delphi Automotive. (In 2017, a Panasonic version was released that has a completely different screen type. Click here to view)

UAS is "non navigation" model

UAQ is "full navigation" model

All versions are compatible with this service: NA, ROW, AUS, MX, EU, etc.

Popular vehicles that use the Uconnect 4 with 8.4 inch Touchscreen Delphi radios are: Ram Trucks (2018-2019)

Important information:

Email or Call us with any questions before purchasing!

This flat rate service will fix any of the following problems:

LCD and Touchscreen Repair
  • Cracked or shattered touchscreen
  • Dents in touchscreen
  • Scratches or light marks in touchscreen
  • Faded finish or finger marks in touchscreen
  • No touch response when tapping or touching touchscreen with finger
  • Cracked or shattered touch screen or LCD display
  • Dented, scratched, faded or No touch response
  • Scrambled LCD Display image

Turnaround time is 3-5 business days from day your order is received

 The FRR process is simple:

  1.  Please click the icon below to download and fill in the FRR Repair Form

  1. Purchase desired repair service
  2. Package your radio and include your completed FRR Repair Form
  3. We'll receive, repair, and return. 
  4. Receive, Install and Enjoy! 

We Repair "One Radio At A Time" to ensure we spend some quality time with your radio.

*Ensure all media has been removed from device*. Factory Radio Repairs is not responsible for any lost or damaged media. By filling in and submitting our repair form, you are giving Factory Radio Repairs express written consent to perform a repair service on your factory radio or device. We can not be held responsible for any damage after a repair has been completed and received back by the customer. All repairs come with a 90 Day Warranty  and optional 1 Year Warranty which only covers the serviced part of radio or touch screen. Please visit our website for more information on Warranty and Refund Policy
Factory Radio Repairs LLC is not affiliated with FCA US LLC.  "MyGig" "Uconnect" "Dodge" "Ram" "Jeep" "Chrysler" "Fiat" "Mopar" are registered trademarks of FCA US LLC.
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