Chevrolet GMC Denso Navigation Radio 6.5" Touchscreen Repair Service [2013-2014]

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Chevrolet GMC Denso Navigation Radio 6.5" Touch Screen Repair Service (2013-2014) - Factory Radio Parts
Chevrolet GMC Denso Navigation Radio 6.5" Touchscreen Repair Service [2013-2014]

Important Information:

This service is ONLY for the GM Denso Navigation Radio System (HDD Version) with 6.5" Touchscreen 

This service will fix any of the following problems: 

  • Cracked or shattered touchscreen
  • Dented touchscreen
  • Scratched touchscreen
  • Faded touchscreen
  • No touch response 

 Turnaround time is 3-5 business days the from day your order is received

Please click the icon below, fill in and print off the form below and include with shipment of your device: 

*Ensure all media has been removed from device*. Factory Radio Repairs is not responsible for any lost or damaged media. By filling in and submitting our repair form, you are giving Factory Radio Parts/Factory Radio Repairs express written consent to perform a repair service on your factory radio or device. We can not be held responsible for any damage after a repair has been completed and received back by the customer. All repairs are subject to our 14 day return/refund policy.  All repairs come with a 1 Year Warranty which only covers the serviced part of radio or touch screen. Please visit our website for more information on Warranty and Return/Refund Policy

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