How To Remove Broken Car or Truck Radio Touchscreen From LCD Display

How To Remove Broken Car or Truck Radio Touchscreen From LCD Display

In this article we are going to show you How To Remove Broken Car or Truck Radio Touchscreen From LCD Display. A lot of times the touchscreen is glued or adhered to the actual LCD display using, so we’re going to show you how to safely detach a broken touchscreen so you can replace with a new touchscreen.

For this demonstration, we are going to be using the Ford Lincoln Sync 3 radio system with 8-inch touch screen. This radio is found in Ford and Lincoln vehicles 2015 and up. This radio is also backward compatible if you have the Ford Sync 2 non-nav and navigation radio system, you can upgrade to the Sync 3.

The primary tool we are going to be using is a razor blade or box cutter. We recommend that you use a box cutter that has a safety handle and trigger (like the one shown) so you can control the length of the blade. We highly recommend not using a razor blade with your bare hands; this is highly dangerous and can get messy!

The first step is to grab the razor blade and gently insert the tip of the razor into the gap between the LCD housing and touchscreen where the adhesive has been applied on one of the four corners. The razor should smoothly slide into the adhesive, there should be a minimum force applied to insert razor into the touchscreen.

From here you want to slowly go down the edge of the LCD with the razor blade, cutting into the adhesive. You want to make sure you stay on the LCD edge and not let the razor blade go over because if the razor blade makes contact with the LCD display, the actual display screen can become damaged. Stay on the outside border of the LCD display while slowly cutting through adhesive on the touchscreen.

Continue this process with the other three sides.

When cutting the bottom side (the side that has the ribbon cable), you will need to move the touchscreen ribbon cable back towards the display. The ribbon cable is attached to the touchscreen, not the LCD display. Slowly cut the adhesive while holding back the ribbon cable.

Now remove the touchscreen from the LCD display, you may need to use a little force. Once the touchscreen is removed, clean off the excessive black adhesive that is loosely hanging on the LCD display and any broken glass pieces. You don't have to completely remove the black adhesive because the new touchscreen that you put on the LCD display will come with a new adhesive border that will lay on top of the old adhesive.

Now take the new touchscreen from Factory Radio Parts and peel off the screen protectors on both sides (Front and Back). Once the screen protectors are removed, there is new black padded adhesive going around the border of the touchscreen. Peel the tape off the new adhesive and lay the new touch screen down on top of the LCD display where the old touchscreen was positioned. Now follow the reverse steps to assemble your radio screen back together and install back into your vehicle! 

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