Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Uconnect 3C with 8.4-inch Touchscreen VP3 and VP4 Radio Break Down and Repair

Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Uconnect 3C with 8.4-inch Touchscreen VP3 and VP4 Radio Break Down and Repair

In late 2013, Chrysler released the 8.4-inch Uconnect System that brings interactive ability to the in-car radio and telemetric-like controls to car settings. These systems feature an over-sized 8.4-inch information touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, and back up camera and many other features.

In this article, we will show you how to disassemble and replace the touchscreen on the Uconnect 3C with 8.4-inch touchscreen navigation and non-navigation radio models. The Uconnect 3C with 8.4-inch touchscreen radio model came in two versions: (1) VP3-Non Navigation (Nav locked-dealer can enabled) and (2) VP4-Full navigation enabled are specifically used in the 2013-2018 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram vehicles.

When repairing a radio, we highly recommend that you keep all the screws safe in one area! We recommend a small cup or bowl.


The tools you will need for this radio disassemble are:

  • Razor blade
  • T9 Torex bit
  • T10 Torex bit
  • Power drill
  • Flat head screw driver (not shown)

We recommend using a power drill, if available, to make the process faster.


Step 1:

Start with a T10 Torex bit and remove these 8 screws.

Step 2:

Next, remove the back or radio and circuit board. Make sure to keep these attached (refer to picture below). 

Step 3:

Switch to the Torex T9 drill bit.

Step 4:

Next, remove these 5 screws.

Step 5:

Gently pop off the black mounting bezel. There are 4 tabs that may need to be adjusted using a flat head screwdriver.

Step 6:

Remove the metal plate from on top of LCD display.

Step 7:

Remove these three ribbon cables and two coax cables.

Step 8:

Once the ribbon and coax cables are detached, remove the circuit board.

Step 9:

If you need to replace your touchscreen, gently pull off the metal antenna the coax cables are tied into and place a razor blaze between the LCD and touchscreen on the four edges to remove the broken touch screen from the LCD and set it aside. Remove screen protectors from touch screen and place new touch screen inside radio face plate. Use the cut out in the face plate to align the touchscreen for proper installation.

Step 10:

Once the new Factory Radio Parts touchscreen is installed into the radio face plate, attach the WIFI and Bluetooth antenna back onto the bottom of the LCD display.


Step 11:

After placing LCD into radio face plate, place circuit board back on top of the LCD and reconnect the ribbon and coax cables and complete the process of putting back together the radio. The process of putting the radio together is the same as the break down. Refer to the pictures and steps above and follow in reverse.


Compatible part numbers:

-- MY14.5 UF V2
ecu_part_number["68190253"] = "68190253AG" -- MY14.5 VP3 MEX
ecu_part_number["68190259"] = "68190259AG" -- MY14.5 VP4 MEX
ecu_part_number["68190256"] = "68190256AC" -- MY14.5 VP3 NA
ecu_part_number["68190260"] = "68190260AG" -- MY14.5 VP4 NA
ecu_part_number["68190264"] = "68190264AG" -- MY14.5 VP3 CAN
ecu_part_number["68190263"] = "68190263AG" -- MY14.5 VP4 CAN

-- MY15 LA V2
ecu_part_number["68206389"] = "68206389AG" -- MY15 VP3 NA
ecu_part_number["68206388"] = "68206388AG" -- MY15 VP4 NA
ecu_part_number["68206391"] = "68206391AG" -- MY15 VP3 MEX
ecu_part_number["68206392"] = "68206392AG" -- MY15 VP4 MEX
ecu_part_number["68206393"] = "68206393AF" -- MY15 VP3 ROW
ecu_part_number["68206390"] = "68206390AF" -- MY15 VP4 ROW
ecu_part_number["68206395"] = "68206395AG" -- MY15 VP3 CAN
ecu_part_number["68206394"] = "68206394AG" -- MY15 VP4 CAN
ecu_part_number["68212744"] = "68212744AD" -- MY15 VP2H w/SDARS
ecu_part_number["68212745"] = "68212745AD" -- MY15 VP2H w/o SDARS
ecu_part_number["68212746"] = "68212746AD" -- MY15 VP2H ROW

-- MY15 DS/WK/KL V2
ecu_part_number["68238621"] = "68238621AF" -- MY15 VP3 NA
ecu_part_number["68238619"] = "68238619AF" -- MY15 VP4 NA
ecu_part_number["68238624"] = "68238624AF" -- MY15 VP3 MEX
ecu_part_number["68238625"] = "68238625AF" -- MY15 VP4 MEX
ecu_part_number["68242384"] = "68242384AE" -- MY15 VP3 BUX
ecu_part_number["68242385"] = "68242385AE" -- MY15 VP4 BUX
ecu_part_number["68242382"] = "68242382AE" -- MY15 VP3 ROW
ecu_part_number["68242383"] = "68242383AE" -- MY15 VP4 ROW
ecu_part_number["68238627"] = "68238627AF" -- MY15 VP3 CAN
ecu_part_number["68238626"] = "68238626AF" -- MY15 VP4 CAN

-- MY15 WD V2
ecu_part_number["68239115"] = "68239115AF" -- MY15 VP3 NA
ecu_part_number["68239117"] = "68239117AF" -- MY15 VP4 NA
ecu_part_number["68239114"] = "68239114AF" -- MY15 VP3 MEX
ecu_part_number["68239116"] = "68239116AF" -- MY15 VP4 MEX
ecu_part_number["68247593"] = "68247593AE" -- MY15 VP4 ROW
ecu_part_number["68245058"] = "68245058AE" -- MY15 VP4 ROW
ecu_part_number["68239119"] = "68239119AF" -- MY15 VP3 CAN
ecu_part_number["68239118"] = "68239118AF" -- MY15 VP4 CAN

-- MY15 LX V2
ecu_part_number["68257282"] = "68257282AB" -- MY15 VP3 NA
ecu_part_number["68257281"] = "68257281AB" -- MY15 VP4 NA
ecu_part_number["68257284"] = "68257284AB" -- MY15 VP3 MEX
ecu_part_number["68257285"] = "68257285AB" -- MY15 VP4 MEX
ecu_part_number["68234426"] = "68234426AD" -- MY15 VP4 EU
ecu_part_number["68234425"] = "68234425AD" -- MY15 VP4 EU
ecu_part_number["68257286"] = "68257286AB" -- MY15 VP4 ROW
ecu_part_number["68257283"] = "68257283AB" -- MY15 VP4 ROW
ecu_part_number["68257288"] = "68257288AB" -- MY15 VP3 CAN
ecu_part_number["68257287"] = "68257287AB" -- MY15 VP4 CAN

-- MY15 Asia V2
ecu_part_number["68265331"] = "68265331AA" -- MY15 VP3 China WK KL
ecu_part_number["68224021"] = "68224021AC" -- MY15 VP4 China LX
ecu_part_number["68265335"] = "68265335AA" -- MY15 VP3 Korea WK KL
ecu_part_number["68224023"] = "68224023AC" -- MY15 VP4 Korea LX
ecu_part_number["68238656"] = "68238656AC" -- MY15 VP4 Korea UF
ecu_part_number["68265336"] = "68265336AA" -- MY15 VP4 Japan WK KL
ecu_part_number["68224022"] = "68224022AC" -- MY15 VP4 Japan LX

-- MY16 RU
ecu_part_number["68232028"] = "68232028AB" -- MY16 VP3 NA
ecu_part_number["68232026"] = "68232026AB" -- MY16 VP4 NA
ecu_part_number["68232033"] = "68232033AB" -- MY16 VP3 MEX
ecu_part_number["68232034"] = "68232034AB" -- MY16 VP4 MEX
ecu_part_number["68232027"] = "68232027AB" -- MY16 VP4 EU
ecu_part_number["68232035"] = "68232035AB" -- MY16 VP3 ROW
ecu_part_number["68232029"] = "68232029AB" -- MY16 VP4 ROW
ecu_part_number["68232037"] = "68232037AB" -- MY16 VP3 CAN
ecu_part_number["68232036"] = "68232036AB" -- MY16 VP4 CAN
ecu_part_number["68234476"] = "68234476AA" -- MY16 VP4 China
ecu_part_number["68234477"] = "68234477AA" -- MY16 VP4 Korea

ecu_part_number["68258671"] = "68258671AG" -- MY16 VP3 NA << NavRepair Recom. VP4 ??
ecu_part_number["68249986"] = "68249986AG" -- MY16 VP4 NA
ecu_part_number["68249987"] = "68249987AG" -- MY16 VP3 MEX
ecu_part_number["68258673"] = "68258673AG" -- MY16 VP4 MEX
ecu_part_number["68258359"] = "68258359AF" -- MY16 VP3 EU
ecu_part_number["68258678"] = "68258678AF" -- MY16 VP4 EU
ecu_part_number["68258358"] = "68258358AG" -- MY16 VP3 ROW
ecu_part_number["68272221"] = "68272221AD" -- MY16 VP3 ROW-DAB
ecu_part_number["68258677"] = "68258677AG" -- MY16 VP4 ROW
ecu_part_number["68258676"] = "68258676AG" -- MY16 VP3 CAN
ecu_part_number["68258675"] = "68258675AG" -- MY16 VP4 CAN
ecu_part_number["68267475"] = "68267475AD" -- MY16 VP4 China KL
ecu_part_number["68267477"] = "68267477AD" -- MY16 VP4 Japan KL
ecu_part_number["68267476"] = "68267476AD" -- MY16 VP4 Korea KL

-- MY16 WD
ecu_part_number["68258380"] = "68258380AE" -- MY16 VP3 NA
ecu_part_number["68258382"] = "68258382AE" -- MY16 VP4 NA
ecu_part_number["68258379"] = "68258379AE" -- MY16 VP3 MEX
ecu_part_number["68258381"] = "68258381AE" -- MY16 VP4 MEX
ecu_part_number["68258386"] = "68258386AE" -- MY16 VP3 ROW
ecu_part_number["68258385"] = "68258385AE" -- MY16 VP4 ROW
ecu_part_number["68258384"] = "68258384AE" -- MY16 VP3 CAN
ecu_part_number["68258383"] = "68258383AE" -- MY16 VP4 CAN

-- MY16 LA/LX/LD
ecu_part_number["68258398"] = "68258398AD" -- MY16 VP3 NA
ecu_part_number["68258397"] = "68258397AD" -- MY16 VP4 NA
ecu_part_number["68258400"] = "68258400AD" -- MY16 VP3 MEX
ecu_part_number["68258401"] = "68258401AD" -- MY16 VP4 MEX
ecu_part_number["68258406"] = "68258406AD" -- MY16 VP3 EU
ecu_part_number["68258405"] = "68258405AD" -- MY16 VP4 EU
ecu_part_number["68258402"] = "68258402AD" -- MY16 VP3 ROW
ecu_part_number["68272219"] = "68272219AA" -- MY16 VP3 ROW-DAB
ecu_part_number["68258399"] = "68258399AD" -- MY16 VP4 ROW
ecu_part_number["68258404"] = "68258404AD" -- MY16 VP3 CAN
ecu_part_number["68258403"] = "68258403AD" -- MY16 VP4 CAN
ecu_part_number["68267509"] = "68267509AC" -- MY16 VP4 China LX
ecu_part_number["68267508"] = "68267508AC" -- MY16 VP4 Japan LX
ecu_part_number["68267506"] = "68267506AC" -- MY16 VP4 Korea LX

-- MY16 UF
ecu_part_number["68261015"] = "68261015AF" -- MY16 VP3 NA
ecu_part_number["68261196"] = "68261196AF" -- MY16 VP4 NA
ecu_part_number["68258392"] = "68258392AF" -- MY16 VP3 MEX
ecu_part_number["68261195"] = "68261195AF" -- MY16 VP4 MEX
ecu_part_number["68270744"] = "68270744AG" -- MY16 VP4 ROW
ecu_part_number["68258396"] = "68258396AF" -- MY16 VP3 CAN
ecu_part_number["68258395"] = "68258395AF" -- MY16 VP4 CAN
ecu_part_number["68267507"] = "68267507AD" -- MY16 VP4 Korea

-- MY16.5 K4/WK
ecu_part_number["68256627"] = "68294627AA" -- MY16.5 VP4 China WK
ecu_part_number["68294629"] = "68294629AA" -- MY16.5 VP4 China K4
ecu_part_number["68294632"] = "68294632AA" -- MY16.5 VP4 Japan WK
ecu_part_number["68294631"] = "68294631AA" -- MY16 and MY16.5 VP4 Korea WK

-- MY16.5 MP
ecu_part_number["68250121"] = "68250121AC" -- MY16.5 VP4 NA
ecu_part_number["68250122"] = "68250122AC" -- MY16.5 VP4 MEX
ecu_part_number["68250129"] = "68250129AC" -- MY16.5 VP4 EU
ecu_part_number["68250134"] = "68250134AC" -- MY16.5 VP4 ROW
ecu_part_number["68249988"] = "68249988AC" -- MY16.5 VP3 CAN
ecu_part_number["68250123"] = "68250123AC" -- MY16.5 VP4 CAN
ecu_part_number["68256625"] = "68256625AA" -- MY16.5 VP4 Japan
ecu_part_number["68256626"] = "68256626AA" -- MY16.5 VP4 Korea
ecu_part_number["68256627"] = "68256627AA" -- MY16.5 VP4 China

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