Chrysler Dodge Jeep Uconnect 3 8.4 inch RB5 RE2 Touchscreen Assembly Breakdown and Repair

Chrysler Dodge Jeep Uconnect 3 8.4 inch RB5 RE2 Touchscreen Assembly Breakdown and Repair

In this article, we will show you how to disassemble and replace the touchscreen on the Uconnect 3 with 8.4-inch touchscreen navigation and non-navigation radio models. The Uconnect 3 with 8.4-inch touchscreen radio model variations are specifically used in the 2011-2019 the Chrysler, Dodge, Maserati, and Fiat vehicles listed below.

When repairing a radio, we highly recommend that you keep all the screws safe in one area! We recommend a small cup or bowl.

This video is ONLY for the following radio models: 2011-2019 Uconnect 3 with 8.4 inch Touchscreen RB5 and RE2 Radio Systems

Found in the following vehicle make/model(s):

  • 2011-2014 Chrysler 300
  • 2013-2016 Dodge Dart
  • 2011-2019 Dodge Journey
  • 2011-2014 Dodge Charger
  • 2014-2017 Maserati Ghibli


The tools you will need for this radio disassemble are:

  • Philips head screwdriver (drill preferred)
  • Razor blade
  • Heat gun
We recommend using a power drill, if available, to make the process faster.

Step 1:

To begin, start with the Phillips head and remove these 4 screws.

Step 2:

Next, remove the metal housing surrounding the touchscreen assembly by gently pulling apart.

Step 3:

Remove these 3 ribbon cables. 

Step 4:

Once the ribbon cables are detached, remove the metal bracket and attached printed circuit board. You should see the back side of the LCD display once removed.

Step 5:

Use a heat gun (if available) in the space between the touchscreen and LCD on all 4 sides to warm the adhesive glue.

Step 6:

Use a razor on all 4 sides to remove touchscreen from LCD. Gently remove the touch screen from LCD. 

Step 7:

Remove screen protectors from touchscreen and place new touch screen inside radio face plate. Use the cut out in the face plate to align the touchscreen.


Step 8:

Once the new touchscreen is inserted into the radio face plate, insert the LCD and touchscreen back into bracket.

Step 9:

After placing LCD into radio face plate, place circuit board back on top of the LCD and reconnect the 3 ribbon cables.

Step 10:

Next screw back in the four screws that hold the LCD display in place and you are done!

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